Owning an online store means being your own business financial advisor, but can you be one if your accounting and tax knowledge is far from perfect? Luckily, the age of e-commerce is also the age of sharing your wisdom online. Boost your financial knowledge right now with these 8 helpful blogs that make “centaurs.”

The Money Guy’s blog

Brian Preston, the Money Guy, makes great podcasts on a wide range of financial topics. His award-winning podcast, The Money Guy Show, has been on the air for over 10 years. If you have to start your financial course from the beginning, check out The Money Guy Blog. It’s sweet and simple, and gives great advice on personal finance: saving money, taxes, financial planning and investing – everything beginners want to understand.

To get started, we recommend that you check out these blog posts:

  • 20 Things Everyone Should Know About the Financial Industry
  • 6 easy ways to save even more money instantly
  • Get in good financial shape while you’re young


Ivan Widjaya, the founder of the blog, calls himself a noobpreneur. By that he means he is always a noobpreneur, meaning someone who is not afraid to learn new things and try them in business. Owner of an online publishing agency, as well as several other business blogs and magazines, Ivan and his team of authors offer tips and ideas for small business owners, including financial advice.

If you want to join the ranks of noobpreneurs, you might be interested in these posts:

  • How to avoid using your own money for a new business
  • 4 financial questions you should ask yourself before starting your own business
  • 9 ways to save your small business money

The money lady

Laura Adams, aka Money Girl, is a personal finance expert and author who shares her practical advice at quickanddirtytips.com for young adults who don’t have a lot of experience managing their finances. Even if you don’t know much about mortgages, investments and loans, Money Girl has you covered.

Check out Laura’s blog posts, and let your fear of money matters melt away (did we mention she also does great podcasts?):

  • How to create a profitable side business (and keep your day job)
  • 6 tips for finding affordable health insurance when you become self-employed
  • 8 ways to pay less taxes legally and save money

Chargeback Blog

The Chargeback team creates software and tools that help online store owners prevent and manage chargeback fraud. They also share practical tips on their blog that help e-retailers become more aware and educated about chargebacks.

We have to give Smart Hustle credit: they try to cover all possible areas of corporate finance, and we especially like the following posts:

  • Is there hope for a small business after bankruptcy?
  • 5 accounting basics for entrepreneurs
  • What type of commercial insurance does your small business need?

Why not pay tribute to fellow e-traders and check out some of their best posts?

  • Do you want to eliminate chargebacks? Accept BitCoin
  • Paid search and e-commerce: 2017 report summary.

Credit Blogger for businesses

If you ever find yourself thinking about getting a business loan, it’s best to get advice from an expert, like Marco Carbajo. 21 years of experience in the business lending and financing industry has helped this guy build two multi-million dollar companies – Marco seems to know what he’s doing! His blog teaches entrepreneurs how to create a business loan and obtain financing without putting their personal wealth at risk.


Learn about the world of credit with some of these comprehensive and understandable posts:

  • 5 ways to get credit for start-up companies
  • What is a personal guarantee? A must read


This blog is the educational arm of Credibly, a small business lending platform. Running a small business can be complicated, but InCredibly has you covered: tax experts, lawyers, financial advisors and banking experts are here to inform you about business financing. We especially recommend you take a look at their in-depth posts on different loans and credit.

Ready to become an incredibly smart online store owner? Here you go:

  • Small business lending terminology: speak the language and save money
  • Will student loan debt affect your small business financing?

Smart Hustle

Smart Hustle founder, author and business evangelist Ramon Ray wanted to create a community of small business entrepreneurs on the road to growth. He succeeded, and now you can learn more about accounting, taxes and investing, and make your business smart.

We have to give Smart Hustle credit: they try to cover all possible areas of corporate finance, and we especially like the following posts:

  • Is there hope for a small business after bankruptcy?
  • 5 accounting basics for entrepreneurs
  • What type of commercial insurance does your small business need?

Evergreen small business

Steve Nelson calls his blog “a blog of practical advice for small businesses.” Here you can learn as much advice as possible from a tax guru who worked in accounting for three decades and taught at Golden Gate University. Steve also advises on pension plans, so be sure to check him out before you’re a grandparent.

We bet you’ll bookmark (to the right, right where the Pago visión blog is) some money-saving tips:


  • How to detect investment fraud
  • Pay zero tax on average income

Now you have enough financial knowledge for your daily life as well as for your e-commerce projects. Good luck, and stay tuned for more financial tips in the Business Finance section of our blog.

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