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It has a very clear and easy to understand dashboard, with the most important options highlighted in the central part of the dashboard.

The “best e-commerce platform” to sell products on facebook.

There are too many platforms on the market that confuse me a lot. Thank you for giving me a super easy, professional and above all comprehensive option to create my online store in 5 minutes.

I have needed an online store to upload photos, include description, make the purchase and dispatch.  Now I know that in this platform I can implement and support all that.

I can say that speed is no problem to work on this platform, because it is super fast and very functional.

I am launching a single product business and I have opted for WIX, I was impressed that in a simple way I can integrate my website with my online store without having to change anything else.

We always prefer shopping. We also direct our customers to use our online store for their e-commerce projects.

Other platforms seem to have much more problems… error messages that never seem to be resolved, I also started with others but they don’t treat their customers well at all, but with PagoYa! I haven’t had any problems at all.

Looking to start with the cheapest plan at the beginning, then as we grew we wanted to migrate to a bigger plan but without affecting our costs. I recommend using this store because of how easy it is to use and how affordable their plans are.

In the search for a new platform for my website, I have practically detected that this one, not only adapts to my needs, but I have 24/7 attention with immediate answers and timely advice.

The SEO is fantastic and much better than Shopify. Most of my competitors use shopify, zen cart and magento, and they don’t come closer to me , not even on the first page.

This wonderful platform is like an embed code on YouTube, and I have my store embedded on more than 30 websites.

I would seriously reconsider switching from Shopify or any other platform to PagoYa!
If SEO isn’t working for you, then it’s not PagoYa and the one doing the wrong thing, is You. With PagoYa! you will notice the difference.

This platform is the only one that gets my products listed on Google.
I use several methods because I have 5 stores and I can tell you that no other platform out there has half the power, and it ends up being twice as expensive.

We are an independent wholesale auto parts store that wants to get back into e-commerce. We hired someone to create our site but in the last 18 months it has not generated any sales. We have been looking for the greatest online store option and I see we have found it. We have approximately 1200 different parts, and we are rookies in e-commerce.


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