Why choose PagoYa!’s strategic approach to e-commerce?

When it comes to e-commerce software, you have tons of options. It can be difficult to make a decision with so many different platforms to choose from, especially when the success of your business depends on the capabilities of your online store.

Our unique approach to selling online is what we call “strategic e-commerce”.

Overcoming the difficulties of selling online

 With millions of websites and online stores already available, getting your business to the top can seem like an impossible challenge. There’s a lot to learn and keep track of, from search engine optimization and inventory management to customer relations.

To have the best chance of success, you need PagoYa!, a reliable, centralized platform from which to manage your store with the tools to handle every potential problem that arises along the way.


Developing your e-commerce strategy

With all the features in your Website PagoYa! toolbox, you can create an effective e-commerce strategy that attracts visitors, retains customers, and increases profits. Any one of these tools is capable of doing many things on its own, but you should master as many as possible to help your business be a huge success online. Here are some ways you can make the most of the features of PagoYa!


1 Use one of our many attractive themes for your site, then customize the frontend and backend as much as you want. All of them are designed to be responsive, so they can work perfectly on screens of any size and dimension.

2 Collect statistics on customer satisfaction, number of conversions, number of page views, audience reach, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. You can use all this information to know where you need to make improvements to your website and e-commerce strategy.

3 Implement automation tools for the most tedious or repetitive tasks. By using algorithms to handle these processes without further need for human input, you free up potential hours of extra time each week and can focus on more creative tasks to manage your business.

4 Combine several different methods of page speed optimization to decrease load times throughout your website. Many Internet users abandon websites if they feel they take too long to load, and increasing your page speed encourages more people to stay and browse your pages.

5 Add more pages and keyword-rich content to your website with your own business blog. Running a blog can achieve many purposes: your posts can attract new readers, establish your reputation as an authority in your industry, increase the SEO value of your website with the proper use of the right keywords and promote new products in your inventory.

6 Increase your website’s position on search engine results pages for particular keywords using a variety of SEO tools. These include the ability to change your page URLs, customize page title attributes and edit meta tags.

7 Integrate your site with Google Tools , which provides assistance in making your site compliant with your search engine’s SEO standards. Better yet, this software integration allows you to connect with many of the tech giant’s services.

8 Give customers even more reasons to keep coming back to your store with the Reward Points Module. With this tool, you can create a loyalty system that awards people “reward points” based on the amount they spend on a purchase. They can spend these points on future purchases, enticing them to return and encouraging people they meet to visit your site.

9 Strengthen the relationship your visitors have with you by enabling our integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system. With this module, people can ask for help and you can help them directly and address their concerns. The module tracks each interaction and organizes them for future reference.

10 Offer your customers the ability to create a gift registry. This allows them to make and share a wish list of items related to a special event, such as a baby shower or wedding. Your guests can anonymously purchase those items for the host through the registry, which updates to show everyone that someone has already claimed that gift.


These are just a few of the abilities that Pagoya!’s massive selection of tools can bring to you. It all goes to show that at Pagoya!, we offer you more than just an online store builder. We have everything you need to create a sophisticated e-commerce strategy and to create a website that ranks higher and sells more.



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