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Sell online, in-store, and beyond. Reach your customers wherever they are. handles everything from marketing to secure shipping.

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For small businesses

Everything you need to create your store, ship products, and process payments



What’s included in Basic:

Sell up to 100 products
Shop linked to Facebook and Instagram
Technical support included


For small and medium businesses

Add more products to your catalog and try other services for small and medium businesses.



What’s included in Advanced:

Sell up to 250 products
Link to social networks, Amazon, Ebay and more.
Technical support included


For medium and large businesses

All the power of without limits in your catalog for your online commerce.



What’s included in Unlimited:

Sell unlimited products
Link to social networks and all e-commerce websites
Your own shopping app

Frequently asked questions

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a platform that allows you to set up a website with ease. Websites are built on platforms like You can add images, graphics, copy, and other pieces of content to build a website. specializes in commerce, allowing you to also buy and sell products with a secure checkout.

Which website builder is best to use? is an excellent website builder to use. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily customize your website. No coding skills are required. specializes in commerce so there are a multitude of features such as a secure checkout, a point of sale system, and unlimited products to help you grow your brick-and-mortar or online store with ease. has over 6,000 apps, countless tools, themes, and various free features that allow you to maximize your website's potential.

Which website builder is best for small businesses? offers a multitude of features for small businesses, such as free apps, tools, and features that allow small businesses to get their businesses up-and-running on a tighter budget. As you scale your business, scales with you offering the services and features you need to meet your complex needs. On, you can keep your business small and manageable or grow your business to an enterprise level and still get the support you need as you grow.

How do you build a website without a website builder?

You can build a website without a website builder by hiring a developer to build a custom website. You can hire a Expert that specializes in building websites to help you create a unique website. Enterprise businesses typically hire developers to build custom websites, though this option is less common for small businesses. Still, even with a custom website, you can use so you can access amazing features like a secure checkout, advanced reporting, and many other amazing features.

What is the best website builder for ecommerce? is a popular website builder for ecommerce.'s online store builder allows you to safely and securely run financial transactions on your website. also offers SEO features that allow websites built on to rank in search engines. There are numerous sales channels so you can sell your products on platforms outside of as well with ease. You can add an unlimited number of products to your website.

Which website builder offers hosting? offers you hosting and domain services for an additional cost to the plan you choose for your online store.