The Most Popular Action Figures To Sell Online

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Published: Wednesday, Sep 06

For half a century, action figures have been thrilling children worldwide with their distinctive features and awesome accessories. During this time, there have been tens of thousands of distinct figures—some incredibly rad ones—while others not so much.

Are you looking for a profitable way to make money online? Selling action figures might be the perfect option for you! Here’s our list of the most sought-after and in-demand action figures that are guaranteed to bring success.

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe is the most iconic action figure of all time and it’s clear to see why! It was the first toy line to introduce accessories, styles, and characters that have captivated children around the world for nearly five decades. Initially composed of just one “Real American Hero,” G.I Joe has grown into an entire team with endless possibilities for imaginative playtime!

gi joe action figure
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Batman Timeless Bushido

The Batman Timeless Bushido action figure is the remarkable outcome from a passionate team of specialists, innovators, and planners. Admire this Play Arts Kai samurai interpretation of Gotham’s Dark Knight — where “the way of the warrior” is embraced with a katana and chained claw.

batman timeless bushido action fugore
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Of all the Star Wars toys out there, Chewbacca stands as one of the most beloved. With its various action figure iterations and cool extras like weapons and backpacks, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this furry friend of Han Solo? And let’s not forget that some editions even feature his iconic growl!

chewbacca action figure
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Cable Action Figure

Cable’s action figure is a must-have for those looking to add some movement and excitement to their collection. With its near limitless articulation, extensive arsenal of weapons, and lifelike playability–this rendition of the X-Men favorite will be sure to take your display game up a notch!

cable action figure
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Stretch Armstrong

The 1990s saw the emergence of one of its most beloved action figures, Stretch Armstrong. Despite appearing plain and simple on the surface, this toy won over a considerable fanbase for its incredible durability — you could stretch each arm or leg up to two feet! Plus, you had plenty of options when it came to where and how your playtime adventures would take place; tie different limbs together or attach them onto other objects!

stretch armstrong action figure
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Optimus Prime

Transform your collection with Hasbro’s Optimus Prime action figure! In six simple steps, this 11-inch figurine morphs from a semi truck to an iconic robot. He weighs almost one pound and makes the perfect addition to any enthusiast’s shelf. Collect all of the Cyber Commander Series Transformers figurines for even more entertainment—no set is complete without timeless Optimus like him!

optimus prime action figure
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Lego Mini Figures

When LEGO’s Minifigs arrived, the game changed. No longer were action figures too large and cumbersome to be transported; now with thousands of variations available for purchase ranging from Superman to surfing pros, your collection can be practically boundless!

lego mini figures
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Son Goku Dragon Ball Z

The Son Goku Dragon Ball Z action figure from Bandai is not only a must-have for any avid collector of ultimate action figures, but also brings an impressive level of 3D detail to a two-dimensional character. This 7″ tall 1/9 scale figure offers remarkable lifelike details that come alive with its articulated movements.

son goku dragon ball z action figure
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Removable Helmet Darth Vader

The Star Wars villain’s action figure is nothing short of remarkable. With the ability to remove Vader’s iconic helmet and uncover his scarred, disfigured face beneath it all, you can now relive every scene in the movie trilogy right at your fingertips!

removable helmet darth vader
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At the peak of its popularity, stores across America were unable to replenish He-Man figures fast enough. Since launch, over 70 million He-Man toys have been purchased by fans worldwide!

he-man action figure
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With its hulking muscles, riveting features and detachable ramming helmet, this action figure of one of Marvel’s most notorious villains is as fierce as they come! This toy will ignite any child’s imagination and provide hours of heroic fun.

juggernaut action figure
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Buzz Lightyear

Although he may not look as mature as several of his peers, Buzz gets kudos for standing out. Based on the beloved Toy Story character, this 12-inch action figure accurately recreates every detail from the movie. He is truly one-of-a-kind!

buzz lightyear action figure
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Boba Fett

This unique Boba Fett action figure was crafted for the 1980 premiere of “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,” yet mass-production never came to fruition due to complications with the rocket-launching mechanism.

boba fett action figure
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